About the application

About the application

This mobile Application was produced with the aim to educate the users about the issue of human trafficking and prevention of this type of crime. By playing this interactive game, the users will be able to get acquainted with different types and stages of trafficking in human beings, from recruitment, exploitation and escape from the trafficking ring, down to recovery, social reintegration, and struggle to exercise the rights belonging to human trafficking victims.

Having been acquainted with potential dangers, the users will be able to recognize similar situations in everyday life, and thus protect themselves and the people they know.

Furthermore, better understanding of the experiences of human trafficking victims should contribute to combating discrimination and improving the position of human trafficking victims in European countries.

Mobile Application is produced within the project Balkans ACT Now! which is funded by the European Union.

Copyrights holder: Balkans ACT Now! Project team
Application version: 1.0
Design and development: Intellex Ltd.
Illustrations: Bojan Radovanovic
Texts: ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action

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